…our sincere thanks for your superb musical support to our wedding…. our guests were amazed and few of them had been treated to a string quartet before so it was a real experience which they simply raved about! Your music made our ceremony really special and we are sincerely grateful… — Kim & Roderick, Wedding

Concert at St Andrews on the Terrace

by elioss2 ~ September 29th, 2009. Filed under: News.

Elios is performing in the Lunchtime  Series at  St Andrews on the Terrace in Wellington on Wednesday November 11th  at 12:15pm.

Our programme will include:

Cherubini    Double Fugue

Schostakovitch String Quartet No. 7  Op. 108

Tchaikovsky    Andante Cantabile

Schubert   Quartettsatz in c minor

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